RePowerNow - fossil lean solutions
Oil quality

A good starting point would be to use SVO that is compatible with the German Canola Oil Fuel Standard (see separate data sheet).

Ask your SVO supplier for a spec sheet and choose the oil that most closely meets the standard. Generally speaking, cold-pressed and de-gummed oils are the best.

The nearest supplier we could find was Cootamundra Oilseeds in Cootamundra, NSW. Their phone number is (02) 6942 4347. The oil selected was their Premium grade canola oil (see Cootamundra spec sheet).

Oil purchase

The first supply of canola oil came in four 44 gallon drums. A total of 820 litres.

The base price was AU$1.10/litre. Including delivery the price came at AU$1.20/litre. The price of diesel at that time was AU$1.45/litre.

Oil storage and use

The drums were off-loaded onto a ramp. The general advice is to store the oil away from direct sunlight and at a stable temperature. I'm still looking into an adequate storage solution. For the time being the drums have been left on the ramp.

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Filling up is done without a pump, only using gravity. A tap is screwed into the drum. One end of a clear hose is slid over the tap mouth and the other end hung in the filler neck. It's a relaxed process. Progress can be checked by occasionally reading the fuel gauge.