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Elsbett conversion of a Toyota Landcruiser 1HZ

The kit described is for a Toyota Landcruiser with the 1HZ (non-turbo) 4.2L straight-6 engine.

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The Elsbett kit for the Toyota 1HZ is a one-tank system. For some other makes and models Elsbett only supplies a two-tank system.

The main difference is that a one-tank system allows for starting on SVO whereas a two-tank system requires starting on diesel, with a switch to SVO when the engine has reached normal operating temperature.

Installation manual

The Elsbett kit came with an extensive installation manual. At first I found it a bit daunting, not in the least because of the German flavour of technical English. That is when I decided to compile a two-page summary (9KB PDF).

Installation diagrams

Included in the manual where two diagrams, one of the fuel components and one of the electrical components. The next step in understanding the installation procedure was to integrate these into one new diagram (43KB PDF).

Note: There is an Open Office layered version here (12KB SXD). To view the layers choose View - Layer. To show or hide a layer, press Shift and click the layer's tab.

Pre-heating system

Essential in the Elsbett one-tank conversion are some specific changes to the pre-heating system. This includes fitting a different type of glowplug and increasing the pre-heating time.

Apart from the glow plugs, the other new parts are a relay, a resistor and a temperature switch. Connecting these required delving into the pre-heating wiring diagram. This diagram can be found in the Haynes Manual or you could ask your local Toyota dealer for a copy.

The original diagram shows two different types of pre-heating systems: one is called Fixed Delay and the other Super Glow. Our Toyota appeared to be fitted with the Super Glow type.

I amended the diagram to only show the Super Glow components and added information on where the new connections can be made. Click here (438KB).