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Current rating

The Landcruiser is performing well on 100% SVO.

Planned upgrades

Indicator lights for the electric fuel heater and temperature switch
An SVO temperature gauge
Moving the relay box from the engine bay to an under-dash location

October 2006

Injection pump
- Complete overaul
After 430,000km, at least 150,000 of which on low-sulphur diesel, the problems found were leaking seals, scouring and play. There was no indication that the use of canola oil had exacerbated the problems. All was fixed by a complete overhaul of the injection pump. As a matter of policy, the diesel workshop in question does not provide any warranty in case biofuels, either biodiesel or SVO, are used.

September 2006

Some canola oil seepage at stop valve
- Rectified by tightening the screwed-in hose barbs

Loss of power and unwillingness to go above 2500 revs
- Rectified by eliminating fuel blockage
The fuel blockage was caused by internal damage to one of the new fuel hoses. The damage occurred when an 8mm hose was forced onto the 10mm inlet of the original fuel filter. Elsbett was quick in shipping replacement parts.

Fuel leaking from the injection pump
- New seals will have to be fitted
Several diesel specialists in the area point the finger at either low-sulphur diesel or biofuels as the reason for the seals to fail. Elsbett states that in their 25-year experience canola oil normally doesn't damage pump seals.

August 2006

Good performance
Problem-free cold-engine starting and running, even on frosty mornings