RePowerNow - fossil lean solutions
A bit of a blog

The direction this website will take is still open. For the time being let's call it a blog. The main subject is reducing fossil fuel use. The emphasis will be on readily available solutions.

When searching the web, you will find many sites either dealing with technologies in the making or how to build things from scratch. Not always useful if the goal is to make a difference now without the time or inclination to be a back-yard tinkerer.

This site aims to fill that gap. It will be mostly about off-the-shelf products. But not always. If you find any of the information useful, please read the disclaimer before proceeding. Australia-specific references can be ignored, or used as seen fit.


New on this site

18/02/2014: All kits and parts now available from ANC / Greasenergy,
27/12/2011: co-run by former Elsbett engineer Alexander Noack

18/02/2014: is no longer operational

27/12/2011: Limited time free shipping to NZ and AUS
27/12/2011: on complete kits from Greasenergy, co-run by former Elsbett
27/12/2011: engineer Alexander Noack

23/12/2011: Changes at Elsbett

01/09/2006: Running a diesel car on vegetable oil - Elsbett conversion